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Our Programmes
All of our learning courses are tailored to the individuals' modality, ensuring flexibility of what, how and where young people study; this methodology increases participation. Work based learning is an additional component of our programmes. Pro-active intervention is a crucial component of our outreach programme structure. Our courses have the capacity to prepare and equip young people with a full range of skills that will be needed if they are to gain full time employment, training or educational placements. Each programme last between six to eight weeks. Once the courses have been successfully completed the young person will have the opportunity to go on a work experience placement. (in line with Every Child Matters achieve economic wellbeing)
The following information pertains to the different types of support, intervention and or accommodation we currently provide to local authorities and educational establishments.
Constructive activities
Activities include football, arts work such as music, dance, painting, drama and outdoor activities like quad biking and paint balling. Most projects incorporate elements from other programmes, enabling young people to gain a feeling of self worth more over achievement. Engaging young people's interest and nurturing their talents often is a means of focusing their action on positive aspects of their lives. It is a well known fact we all learn best when we are enjoying ourselves, resulting in long-term effectiveness, and sustainable capacity building.
Residential Support:
Residential Support is tailored to each young persons individual needs, it can be as little as 1 hour of support a week in the young persons own accommodation, up to and including 24 hours 2:1 modelling behaviour support, within Higher Level accommodation.
Youth escort and accommodation services:
This section comes under our court support programme. This is for young people who may need accommodation over night or up to four weeks. We also provide escort transport with a staff ratio of up to 3:1 if required.
Training and education services:
Higher Level Ltd provides a range of Educational programmes that assist young people who are not necessarily Higher Level Ltd supported living residents. These young people may be experiencing difficulties in main stream education environments, or living independently and at risk of offending behaviour.
Our programmes are designed to keep young people focused on the goals that will assist them in become contributing citizens. Every young person will have the opportunity to access our gateway to formal education, training or alternative learning programmes.
Counselling and therapy:
Higher Level has in house and external councillors, therapists, and nuro-linguistic specialists for young people who may benefit from particular types of support. Whilst being eclectic in our approach to working with young people; we often adopt a cognitive behavioural methodology to our work practice.
Accredited and non Courses include:
Life and social skills Goal setting Communication skills Performing Art Anger Prevention Stress Prevention Gate way to Education Core curriculum studies e.g. Key Skills Sports coaching Media Studies Food & hygiene First Aid Interviewing skills The cost of living Paying your own way Drug/ Alcohol awareness Actions and Consequences
Unaccompanied asylum seekers support 16-21
Our Asylum seekers services are designed in particular to "improve the life chances of young people living in or leaving care" more over we replicate the support that responsible parents would be expected to provide for their children.

Higher Level specialises in providing good quality living accommodation, onsite, outreach and one-to-one support. When appropriate we attend appointments and age assessments with unaccompanied minors; we also provide access to education and work experience opportunities.
Verona Davis
Operations Manager

Higher Level Ltd
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Penn Field,
Ph: 44 0845 467 6595